Planning responses in case risk events actually occur

Benefits of contingency planning

The use of contingent response strategies is an important option to consider when deciding how to respond to risk. This approach is an active form of risk acceptance. Also known as contingency planning, contingent response strategies involve planning responses in case risk events actually occur.

They also involve assigning reserves…

As the “driver” of your meeting, you need to keep it going in the right direction

Meetings can so easily go off track. As the “driver” of your meeting, you need to keep it going in the right direction, see you can cover all the topics on your agenda and finish on time.

Keeping Meetings on Track

What causes a meeting to drift off topic? …

Manage stakeholder expectations, actions, and intentions in the best interest of your project

Project Stakeholders — abstract illustration

Your project will involve the collective effort of various stakeholders, filling a variety of roles with accompanying responsibilities.

Stakeholders can generally be thought of as being one of two types:

  • dedicated — team members involved with the day-to-day activities that move the project toward completion are stakeholders with dedicated project…

From problem-solving to implementing updates

Effective call handling procedures — abstract illustration

Interacting with customers can require a Customer Service Representative (CSR) to perform a range of different tasks, from problem-solving to implementing updates.

The successful CSR

The successful CSR must learn how to effectively handle calls, so he can extract the information needed to resolve the issue presented by the customer. …

Always examine the various responses you could make before deciding on the best course of action

Exploiting and sharing opportunities

Exploiting an opportunity involves making the most of it by eliminating uncertainty to ensure that it definitely happens. Exploiting an opportunity could involve changing a project’s objectives, schedule, or budget. …

How to create a vibrant, interactive meeting atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to play a role

Facilitating Decision-making in Meetings — abstract illustration

Nothing could be worse than a meeting where the facilitator does most — or all — of the talking to cover up the silence and lack of participation. The best meetings are a little bit noisy — everyone’s involved, giving their input and contributing to decisions!

Encourage participation

Lack of participation in…

Understanding cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors that can influence a buyer’s decision

Buyer Behavior — abstract illustration

Consumer buying behavior

In all professions, there are some people who are good at their jobs and others who aren’t. In sales, it’s easy to tell the two apart. Good salespeople are patient, understanding, and knowledgeable about the products they’re selling. …

Sorin Dumitrascu

A consultant, trainer and author specialized in management, corrections and industrial relations

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