Nobody wants to face a crisis, but they happen anyway

Handling Media Crises — abstract illustration

One of the strengths of social media is that you can reach a wide base of customers very quickly, and they can reach right back. That’s great when things are going well but not so much when a crisis hits. …

Development, implementation, and monitoring of company policies, structures, and practices for a program

Program governance provides a framework for decision-making and delivery management for a program. Its purpose is to control a company’s investment and to monitor benefits delivery. It does this through the development, implementation, and monitoring of company policies, structures, and practices for a program.

Program governance tries to ensure that…

Keep small conflicts from becoming major battles

Rules of Work Space Etiquette — abstract illustration

Working together in an office requires a delicate balance. People must be close together to collaborate, but to be productive, people need a little elbowroom to call their own.

How to interrupt others

To ensure you respect everyone’s personal space, you can follow five basic rules when you enter someone’s cubicle or work space:

On being positive, doing your research, dressing appropriately, positioning yourself, and communicating with care

Making a Good First Impression — abstract illustration

First impressions are lasting ones

There’s an old adage that states “First impressions are lasting ones.” This is particularly true in networking, where first impressions can be the beginning of valuable long-term relationships.

A positive first impression can’t guarantee that someone will like you, or that you’ll always form a successful or profitable business relationship…

On forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning

Developing a Project Team — abstract illustration

Managing your team during each of the stages of team development can be a challenge. Each stage will require different skills and strategies for motivating team members, making decisions, delegating authority, and dealing with conflict.

Stages of team development

The stages of team development are sequential and developmental. Each stage has issues that must…

Minimize the impact of potentially disruptive problems

Incident Management — abstract illustration

The benefits of incident management

Incidents can happen to even the most cautious, efficient companies. This is why support centers should employ proper techniques to deal with them when they arise.

Incident management is a way of focusing upon incident resolution in the most efficient manner. The incident management process ensures that following an incident…

Identify all stakeholders and understand their impact and expectations of the program

Stakeholders play a critical role in the success of a program. But how do you identify and manage these stakeholders?

According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) Combined Standards Glossary, stakeholders are persons and organizations — such as customers, sponsors, and the public — that are actively involved in the…

Sorin Dumitrascu

A consultant, trainer and author specialized in management, corrections and industrial relations

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