Why it’s important to get agreement and commitment

Using the Right Decision-making Style — abstract illustration
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How is style a factor in decision making?

There are several distinct styles of decision making, and the one you use depends on the situation.

How to determine whether your solution provides enough value to create interest

Presenting a Solution and Reaching an Agreement — abstract illustration
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Viability of a solution

The viability of a solution will depend on…

If you don’t know where you’re going, it’s difficult to get there

Effective Meeting Objectives — abstract illustration
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Why you shouldn’t have to use queuing at all

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Sequencing Project Tasks

How much of your time is lost to waiting for others to complete their part of the job? Perhaps a more important question is this: how can you predict that your time may be lost and find ways to work around it?

On knowledge, interaction, and feedback

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Onboarding components

The supportive onboarding process brings orientation to the next level. It aims to integrate new employees into the organization so that they understand their role, build good working relationships, and contribute effectively. The key components of supportive onboarding are knowledge, interaction, and feedback.

How this helps to engage team members and bond them together

Communicating Priorities — abstract illustration
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Value of good communication

In order to manage your priorities successfully at work, you need to communicate effectively. However, when you’re busy or stressed, it’s easy to overlook the way you communicate. As a result, you may send messages that people don’t understand. Poor communication is costly, as it can result in wasted time or missed deadlines. Ultimately, it can prevent you from managing your priorities in an efficient way.

Define the available job, give a job preview, and discuss selection criteria

Selecting Talent — abstract illustration
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Identifying interview benefits

The entire recruitment and interviewing process requires a great deal of careful thought. That’s because it culminates in a selection decision. It’s critical to focus on how this decision is made, who makes it and when, and whether it will be accepted.

Reviewing this list will help you in planning

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Criteria to Select the Best Solution

Before making decisions, you’ll need to determine criteria so that the decision is realistic and actionable. Criteria sets boundaries for decisions, so that you don’t, for example, choose an alternative that requires a tractor trailer when all you have is a pick-up truck.

Why is it important to define criteria when forming a decision?

There are several factors to consider before making your final decision. You may have considered most of them already…

Understand the third stage of the solution selling process

Diagnosing a Problem and Preparing a Solution — abstract illustration
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Key areas of assessment

The main objective of the diagnosis stage is to help the customer understand the problem that needs to be addressed. This involves assessing three key areas:

  • cost to…

This can affect not only the comfort of participants, but also their mind-set

Choosing a Location for Your Meeting — abstract illustration
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Recognize your needs

If you’re considering an off-site location for your meeting, be sure that the location is convenient and well-equipped. Consider distances to be traveled, public transportation, wheelchair accessibility, availability of parking, safety, attractiveness, and comfort of the facility.

Sorin Dumitrascu

A consultant, trainer and author specialized in management, corrections and industrial relations

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